Digital analysis and strategy

Get to know your competitors and create a digital strategy that sets you apart

A good analysis is key to differentiate yourself from your competition

Building a website, e-commerce solution, online reputation, etc. from the ground up requires devising a personalised strategy that meets your company's needs.

We help you collect and structure information about your organisation to create the different sections for the website, blog, or digital media you need. We express your ideas in an organised, simple, and intuitive way on your site so that customers can easily find what they're looking for. Whether you already have a website, corporate blog, or company profiles on social media, we help you restructure them to meet your current needs.

Together, we’ll create a specific online communication plan, to allow you to achieve the goals set for your website, online store, blog, social media, or whatever you need.

We analyse your competitors, your industry, and your company to highlight what makes it different and make it stand out from the rest. We find out where your potential customers are and how best to attract, engage, and retain them.

Some of the tools we use:


Benchmarking is a comparison used to see how our company stands against the competition.


The buyer persona is the ideal customer profile for your company. It allows us to better understand our users and potential customers.


It's an outline for organising your website's content.


It's the ideal customer profile for your company based on their feelings.

Knowing your potential customers is key to reaching them

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Find out about the technology tools we have to monitor the activity of your competitors and how users who visit your website or social media profiles behave.

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