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Position your company website and have your leads find you

Posicionar bien una web a través del SEO es necesario para que los usuarios la encuentren

Do you want your website to be seen by your potential customers? Nowadays it's essential to have good organic positioning or SEO for search engines like Google to “find” our website.

At Tiralíneas we work on SEO in a comprehensive way with special emphasis on local SEO:

  • We optimise the on-page SEO, paying attention to the long-tail keywords you want to rank for
  • We carry out off-page SEO strategies: link building, social media, etc.
  • We generate and refine Google Maps business profiles

This, together with the creation of original and relevant content, will ensure that your site has good positioning and that your page is where you really want it to be: where your potential customers are.

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Stand out in search engine results by working on web positioning

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5 quick tips to improve your website's organic positioning:

  1. Create original and relevant content for your leads.
    Write in a natural way
  2. Put a unique H1 header tag on each page thatcontains the main keywords you want to compete for
  3. Complete the title and meta description of your website'spages
  4. Make sure your website is responsive and looks good onmobile, as otherwise it won't be indexed by the search engines like Google
  5. Create and maintain your Google My Business company profile

How do I create interesting content for my leads while positioning my website?

Crea contenido relevante para los usuarios de tu sitio